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October 29, 2011
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Fable III Reaver Top Hat by jacemoore Fable III Reaver Top Hat by jacemoore
Hooray! I have a workshop and office again! How about some updates? I have costume progress and commission pics just itching to go up, so lets get to it!

This is my finished hat and goggles for Reaver's Fable III outfit.

This is my best "no money available, so I have to use junk around here I already have" effort. I also had to keep things as light as possible, which further dictated which materials (and how much of each) I was able to use.

The hat is made of craft foam, yarn and taffeta. You can find the sequence of how I made the understructure in my costume blog archives. The hat bands are made of vinyl and faux suede, and buckle is made of foamcore, floral wire and paperclay.

The goggles are made of craft foam, styrene, two small studs, four brads, a disposable domed drink cup, and vinyl. I've posted a two-part sequence on how I made the goggles on my tumblr. (Now that I have a work space and easily accessible internet again, tumblr is updated regularly, so don't be afraid to go follow.)

I almost lost my poor hat when the air conditioner broke this summer. The three day constant exposure to the 90 - 100 degree heat inside the house warped it, but I reheated it and worked it back into shape. The goggles pictured are actually the second pair I made. My first go at them ended up too heavy and the heatwave did a number on them as well, causing the contact adhesive to detach from the vinyl. This new pair is better all around, so I'm certainly not complaining about the redo. ~^

And because I keep forgetting to mention it... I started a Fable Cosplay Group (way back in May!), so go check out some inspiring works, and if you've made or are working on a Fable series costume or prop, please don't hesitate to join up and show off your work!

Fable game series, Reaver & designs Lionhead Studios
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Do you take commissions?
Oh. Me. Gawdss. I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
I WANT THA HATTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O.<
A good friend of mine is commissioning me to make his Reaver cosplay. I hope to create such a fantastic hat as close to yours. *drools*
ok so yah how much for a hat like that????
ParadoxialGamer Dec 19, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
*stealz hat and jets*
jacemoore Dec 20, 2011   General Artist
Dude, why are you always trying to steal my stuff? XD
ParadoxialGamer Dec 20, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
because it's awesome and cool, and i can't do anything as good. :iconcutecryplz:
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